The only Indian government-owned life insurance company is Life Insurance Corporation of India. LIC is a market leader in life insurance and has millions of loyal customers. The company offers a variety of insurance plans to suit different customers' needs. LIC has a large network of branches across the country that policyholders can visit to make payments or check their status. Despite having many branches, it might be difficult for consumers to visit LIC branches to make premium payments or check their loan/policy status. LIC's online portal allows consumers to access a variety of services from the comfort of their own homes, with only a few clicks.


Features of LIC e-Services
• The LIC e-Service website allows you to keep track of your insurance policy status with just a few clicks.
• You can access the terms and conditions for the LIC policy you purchased online via the LIC e-Services site. This website emphasizes the benefits of going paperless.
• It allows you to access the online payment option, without the need to visit a branch of LIC or coordinate with an agent.
• Keep track of all premium payments you have made up to date.
• One of the best features of LIC e-Service's website is the ability for policyholders add new LIC policies into their existing accounts.
• After successful completion of the online premium payment, the LIC e-Services website generates a receipt.
• LIC e-Services are not only time-saving but also cost-effective as they are free.
• LIC e-Services does not share your personal information with any third parties. bank and financial institutions to ensure your data is secure.

Benefits of LIC online portal
Nearly all of the insurance companies in the country offer their policies online. LIC also offers its policies online. The best thing about LIC's online policies is the ease-of-use post-sale support that policyholders have access to. Below are some benefits offered by LIC's online portal.
• Policyholders can access all information regarding their insurance plans from any device.
• Online payment of policy premiums is possible without having to visit branches.
• To check the status of a claim, policyholders don't need to call LIC customer service or visit their offices. The online portal of LIC provides all details.
• You can also file grievances and complaints through this portal.
• Consumers can view the images of proposal forms and policy bonds for enrolled policies.
• The portal allows you to view details of multiple policies.
• LIC's e services are free.

Online portal of LIC offers services
• Online payment
• Schedule of policies
• Policy Status
• Bonus Status
• Status of a loan
• Status of Claims
• Revival Quotation
• Premium Due calendar
• Certificate with premium payment
• Image of the proposal form/Policy bond
• Grief registration

Who can use e-services?
These services are available to any LIC policyholder, new or old.
How do I register for LIC eServices?
You can register as a policyholder for LIC e services via the website or at LIC Branch

How FinSukh.com works?
There may be instances when you would like to make alterations in your policy like change of premium payment mode, address, nominee or policy status, loan status and revival of policy etc. Our customer service is considered the best in the business and will handle your request proficiently and promptly.

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9. Support system for post service queries and difficulties, if any

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