Take Down Policy

  • FinSukh.com is a free financial & Educational Service to ensure that customers are not misguided while buying any kind of financial products. It respects the legitimate rights of copyright owners, and has adopted an efficient notice and takedown procedure as described herein. This policy is intended to guide and encourage copyright owners in utilizing that procedure.
  • FinSukh.com have posted various videos, articles, circulars, notifications, notices and other financial, insurance and investment related information on its website at FinSukh.com, which are freely available on different websites, YouTube and other social and digital world etc. It is stated that said videos or information uploaded on YouTube or on any social or digital platform by owners with the motive of further dissemination. FinSukh.com do not claim any copyrights in said video, post or articles and the same have been used by FinSukh.com for non-commercial purposes.
  • Finsukh.com abides by the Copyright Act and its Rules of the IT Act, 2000 and as amended and rules framed thereunder. As a part of this, FinSukh.com may respond to written notifications of alleged infringement by legitimate copyright holders by removing or disabling access to allegedly infringement materials on our website.
  • To submit copyright infringement notifications to FinSukh.com, send a written communication to us at finsukhsolution@gmail.com and finsukhworld@gmail.com with the content or materials to be take down with proper evidence along with all your details for communication.
  • If you have interacted with our website and submitted any contact or other information to the website, you have the right to “Forget me”. In that case you can write to us at finsukhsolution@gmail.com and finsukhworld@gmail.com, with subject line “Forget Me” and we would delete your complete data/information we have with us within 15-20 days upon receiving your request.*Please note we do not have any control if you have applied or submitted your information to any advertiser, in that case you need to contact the advertiser directly to remove your information from their respective database/ user list*