How to file a claim for life insurance

Insurance companies can offer their customers one of the most valuable services: claim settlement. Insurance companies are required to resolve claims quickly. Fill out a claim form, and then contact the financial advisor who sold you your policy. To support your claim, submit all pertinent documents to your insurer such as the original death certificate or policy bond. Most claims can be settled with a cheque issued within seven days of receiving the documents. If your insurer is unable or unwilling to pay for any portion of your claim you will be notified in writing.

Types of claims

Maturity Claim - To ensure timely settlement of claims, the maturity claim/discharge form must be sent along with the original policy bond to the insurer. Many companies issue post-dated cheques or pay ECS credit at maturity. For any delay in settlement, please refer to Grievances redressal.

Death Claim (including rider claims) - The following procedures should be followed in the event of a rider or death claim.

These are the four steps you need to follow in order to file a claim.

  1. Claim Intimation/Notification
    To allow the insurance company to begin processing the claim, the claimant must send the intimation by mail as soon as possible. The basic information required for a claim intimation must include the policy number, name and address of the insured, date, time, place, death, and name of claimant. A claimant may also obtain a claim notification/intimation form at their local branch office or from their agent/insurance advisor. Some insurance companies offer the option of downloading the form directly from their website.
    2. Documents required for claim processing
    For claim processing, the claimant must provide a claimant’s statement, original policy documentation, death certificate, police report and post mortem exam reports (for accidental deaths), certificate and records of the treating doctor/hospital (for illness-related death) and an advance discharge form. Insurance companies may request additional documents based on the policy duration, death cause, and amount at risk.
    3.Submission of all required documents to claim processing
    It is important that claimants submit all documentation promptly to speed up claim processing. The life insurance company will not take a decision until all requirements have been met. The life insurer will be able to make a decision on the claim once all required documents, records, and forms are submitted.
    4. Settlement of claims
    The 2017 regulation 14(2)(i) of IRDAI (Policy Holder's Interest Regulations) requires that an insurer settles a claim within thirty days of receiving all documents, including clarifications. The insurance company may make a policy of settling claims even sooner. The insurer must complete any further investigation within 90 days of receiving the claim intimation. If this happens, the claim will be settled within 30 working days.


Claim Process Documents

Below are some important documents that insurance companies will ask for settlement of claims
• Completed and signed claim form
• Original policy certificate
• Local authority issues death certificate
• Reports after the fact
• Summary of hospital discharge
• KYC documents (like photo ID copies and proof of address) for beneficiaries
• Copies of bank statement and cancelled cheque
• If the claim is filed by someone other that the nominee or assignee of the claim, that person must also be the one making the claim.
• Must provide legal proof of title


Life insurance is considered to be one of the most effective options for securing your future.
Be aware that the claimant must carefully read and understand the terms and conditions before settling any claims.

Ensure that you complete the claim form correctly and provide all documents necessary for the resolution of the claim. Failure to do so
This could lead to a delay in claim settlement



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