Book Keeping & Payroll



Book Keeping & Payroll

Every organization, whether it is for-profit or non-profit, must maintain day-today accounting according to the laws of each country. This allows them to track the financial status of their business in terms of revenues, expenses, surplus and deficit.

Entrepreneurs, small businesses and start-ups often find it difficult to find the right person to prepare their financial statements, manage bank accounts, analyze financial data and prepare outgoing invoices. It is more difficult to find qualified, eligible people at an affordable rate these days. It might be worthwhile to consider outsourcing someone who has the necessary knowledge and qualifications to do the same job at an affordable cost and for this FinSukh is a perfect partner to outsource your work.

The following services are offered by us:

• Full Accounting & Data Entry

• Preparation of Vouchers, Receipts and Invoices

• Preparation of General ledger report at the end of every month

• Preparation MIS report on a monthly basis

• Reports on reimbursements raised by employees

• Handling and maintaining of PF, PT, TDS, ESIC, LWF, and other entries required on a timely basis

• working with high accuracy

• Cost-effective and affordable services

• Tax and legal compliance

• Latest technology usage

• Availability of expert guidance and support

• Updated books and accounting status

• No yearly commitment. Pay as long as you use services


Advantages Outsourcing of Accounting / Book Keeping Accounting Team will take over your accounting load to ensure smooth accounting, banking and tax payments, billing, collection of dues, accounting audits, overall tax compliance, and smooth accounting.


1) Relive the joy of managing a team in-house

2) Reduce your costs up to 60%

3) Reduce infrastructure load and save space in your office

4) No hassle for absenteeism, leave, or attrition

5) Get the supervision of a Chartered Accountant for your day-to-day accounting

6) Improved controls on systems

7) Lower chances of internal fraud or leakages

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