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To build a brand, it takes a lot of effort and resources. You must ensure that your brand's logo, slogan, packaging, sound, smell, colours, and any other elements that give it a distinctive identity are all yours. You can register a trademark in India under the Trademark Act 1999. It grants exclusive ownership rights to the owner and prevents others from using the trademark.

Online registration of logos is easy and quick. Upon receipt of the application, one can immediately begin using the "TM" symbol. The registration of TM can take between 15-18 months. There are several processes to validate the original owner of the mark. India has made many innovations in trademark registration. This is how you can get a trademark for Unconventional marks in India. You can register any sound as a trademark.


Trademark registration has many advantages

Exclusive Rights
Registered Trademark owners have exclusive rights to the trademark. The trademark can be used by the owner for all products that fall under the applicable class. The owner has sole ownership and can prevent any unauthorised use of the Trademark in the same class it is registered. It allows the Registered Trademark Owner to sue any unauthorized user.

Building trust and goodwill
Your trademark establishes trust among customers and builds goodwill. It creates loyal customers who will continue to choose the same brand for their products and services.

Differentiates Product
Customers can easily find your products with this tool. It distinguishes your product from other products and serves as a marketing tool. Your logo communicates your vision, quality, or unique characteristic of your business and can be used to identify any organisation.

Recognize the product's quality:
It is used to identify the product's quality. Customers associate the product's quality to the brand name. This image helps attract new customers.

Creation of an Asset
The registration of a Trademark creates an immaterial asset, i.e. Intellectual property for an organization. A registered trademark is a right that can be assigned, sold, licensed, or commercially contracted. The Trademark is also an intangible asset that gives the organization an advantage.

Use the (R) symbol
After the trademark has been registered, you can use (r) on your logo to indicate that it is a trademark. No one else can use the same trademark. It can be used in any way you want, and it is not subject to other rights. If the trademark has been registered, you can sue the other party for using the trademark.

Protection from infringement
The trademark wordmark and logo can only be used by you. The trademark owner can stop anyone from using it in any way, including if they don't approve of it.

Low cost protection for 10 years
Online trademark registration has a low maintenance cost. After registering the trademark, you only need to pay the renewal and maintenance costs. This is after 10 years. It's cost-effective and can help your company to create a unique image.

Register your global trademark
The trademark registered in India may be used to register the trademark in other countries. A trademark registered in India is a great base for anyone looking to expand beyond India.

Attract Human Resources
As a magnate, young minds want to work for big Brands. This creates a positive image for the company and attracts candidates. This lowers the cost of hiring and other related



What documents are required for registering a Trademark?

Registering a Trademark is simple, and the process can be completed online within 24 hours. has helped several trademark applicants to get their Trademark registered.


What documents are required for registering a Trademark?

Registering a Trademark is simple, and the process can be completed online within 24 hours. has helped several trademark applicants to get their Trademark registered.
Here is the set of documents that need to be signed and sent for the online Trademark registration:
• Identity proof of the Trademark owner
• Passport
• Aadhar Card.
• Incorporation certificate (In case of a Company or LLP)
• Udyog Aadhar Registration
• Logo if applicable and available
• Address proof.



• Identity proof of Trademark owner
• Can use (TM) symbol in a single day
• One page authorization letter
• Free Legal search report
• Soft copy of Logo (also can be applied without logo)
• Complete online process


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