UTI Mutual Fund is among India's top five Asset Management Companies. It is backed in part by four of India's largest financial institutions - SBI and PNB, Bank of Baroda and Bank of Baroda. LIC also supports it, as well as T Rowe Price Group Inc, a US-based company. UTI is an institution that has existed for more than 50 years. However, UTIMF was created as a separate entity in 2003.


UTI Asset Management Co. Ltd. is a professional managed company that is led by a competent Board of Directors with expertise in various fields and a dedicated management staff with the requisite talent.


UTI AMC manages assets in a variety of businesses. These include the domestic Mutual Fund, Portfolio Management Services and International Business.


UTI Mutual Fund boasts a distinguished pedigree and a nationwide distribution network that spans the length and breadth the country.


UTI Mutual Fund employs a professional and competent fund management team to manage investments. A strong research team is also available to track, evaluate, and evaluate macroeconomic indicators, capital markets, and financial sectors. It follows a five-layered investment management structure that includes a robust and appropriate risk management process viz. Advisory, Decision Making, Execution, Fund Accounting and Control.


They manage approximately 11 million folios live and represent 12.8% of the 86 million folios managed Indian Mutual Fund Industry.


UTI has a large distribution network that is distributed throughout the country. UTI's vast distribution network includes more than 48000 AMFI/NISM-certified Independent Financial Advisors as well as 174 Financial Centres.


They are known for their unique Schemes that cover all asset classes. They aim to be India's top-rated Mutual Fund in the next few years.




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KYC Required to Invest in Mutual Fund


Know Your Customer, commonly referred to as KYC, enables banks and financial institutions to verify the identity of their customers. You only need to do this once as a first-time investor. SEBI has prescribed requirements for KYC. An investor has to be KYC compliant while investing in a SEBI registered mutual fund. A KYC form will include identity, address, financial status, occupation, and demographic information.



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