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A Gold ETF An exchange-traded fund (ETF).It aims to monitor the domestic physical Gold Price. These passive investment instruments are based on the gold price and invest in gold bullion.
In short, Gold ETFs are units used to represent physical Gold. These can be printed or dematerialized. One Gold ETF Unit is 1 gram Gold. It is supported by physical Gold of very high purity. The flexibility of stock investments combined with the simplicity of gold investments make Gold ETFs a great choice.
ETFs of gold are listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. and National Stock Exchange of India (NSE). They can be traded just like any stock. Like any other stock company stock, gold ETFs can be purchased and sold at market prices on the cash segment BSE & NSE.
You can buy gold ETFs electronically. You can trade stocks and buy or sell ETFs of gold just like you would. You don't receive physical gold when you redeem the Gold ETF. Instead, you get the cash equivalent. The trading of gold ETFs is done through a Demat account (Demat) and broker. This makes it a very convenient way to invest in gold electronically.
A Gold ETF's direct gold pricing ensures transparency about its holdings. ETFs also have lower costs than physical gold investments due to their unique structure and creation process.


• Each unit comes with a physical piece of gold that is high-purity and guarantees purity.
• Transparent, real-time gold prices.
• Stock exchange listed and traded
• It is possible to tax-efficiently hold gold, as the income from it can be treated as capital gain over time.
• There is no wealth tax, security transaction tax, VAT or sales tax.
• You don't have to worry about theft. Demat units are safe and secure. You also save on safe deposit locker fees.
• ETFs can be used as collateral to loans.
• There is no entry or exit charge


You can sell gold ETFs at the stock exchange by contacting the broker through a trading account or a demat account. ETFs that are backed by physical gold can be sold at the stock exchange through a broker using a demat account and trading account. ETFs should be used to help you gain access to physical gold. One is paid according to the domestic gold market price when one liquidates Gold Exchange Trade Units. AMCs allow redemption of Gold ETF Units as physical gold in 'Creation Unit size' if the unit is equivalent to 1kg of gold or multiples thereof.


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