Guaranteed Pension Plan

You have topped your entire life and have taken advantage of it in your earning years. Does this mean that your life goals should also retire when you hang up your shoes? no at all!Live your life the way you did in your working years and fulfill your life goals - going to that dream destination, picking up a hobby, leaving a legacy or just being self-reliant. Whatever your life goals, you need a strong financial plan to realize them.

You retire from your work, not your life!

With ICICI Pru Guarantee Pension Scheme, you will not have to worry. The plan provides you with a guaranteed income for the entire life with a variety of annuity options that can provide a safe and secure future for you and your spouse. Not only this, but with the deferred annuity option, you can decide when you want to start income. In this option, you can choose to start your income anytime within a period of up to 10 years. Once the income starts, it is guaranteed for life. So, lock in higher annuity rates today for a safe, secure and fulfilling life tomorrow.

Key Benefits

• Guaranteed lifelong annuity: pay once (purchase price) and get guaranteed regular income for the rest of your     life (annuity)
• Choose your retirement date: Choose to get your annuity now or after 1 to 10 years
• Flexibility to receive annuities annually, quarterly, half-yearly or annually
• Option to plan for single life or joint life
• Wide range of annuity options: choose from 11 annuity options to as per your financial needs
• Early return of purchase price options: options to get the purchase price back from the age of 76 years or 80         years
• Return of purchase price option on death, critical illness or permanent disability due to accident.
• Higher purchase price benefit gives you additional annuity as per purchase price slab and annuity option
• With the top up option you can increase your annuity and benefit from a higher purchase price,

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