HDFC Life Young Star Udaan

From the birth of the child, we, as parents, earnestly strive to ensure that the child can dream big without second thoughts and therefore work towards fulfilling his dreams. HDFC Life, are here to help empower your child's dreams and live the rest of their lives as proud parents.

Today, the dreams of children are bigger and more focused than the generation that grew up. We ourselves belong to the generation of young parents, who have motivated our little ones to have ambitions and not compromise for anything less than the best.

But there is a price tag associated with dreaming big.

On one hand, the increasing cost of education and weddings is beyond your control due to inflation. On the other hand, you cannot let your child go with immense abilities and talent, give up his dreams or postpone any plans and compromise for the second best.

At HDFC Life, we will walk the path with you to help you plan and invest systematically for your child's goals so that when they are ready to embark on their illustrious career, you can also support them financially. Will be prepared from; not only at the last defining moments but throughout the journey. This insurance plan will meet the needs of your child, even if you are not around.


The scheme is perfect for parents who wish to make provision for:
• Educational expenses that occur prior to college education
• Specific goals such as college fees or wedding expenses etc.
• All miscellaneous and additional curricular expenses incurred during college / school

Key Features of HDFC Life UDAAN

• A participating endowment and money back scheme with multiple options.
• 3 maturity benefit options that will help you to match the major milestones of your child's ambitions.
• Under the Classic Waiver option, all future installment premiums will not be required to be paid
• Boost your payments with Guaranteed Additions (GA) * accumulating in the first 5 years of your policy, payable at maturity.
• A range of premium payment and policy term options that allow you to plan different goals for your child.
• Insurance coverage during the policy period by paying premium for a limited period.
• The scheme is available with Small Medical Questionnaire (SMQ) based underwriting #


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