Why buy life insurance?

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Life insurance is financial protection for an event that could affect a person's life such as death, disability, retirement, or any other unforeseen circumstance. Natural and accidental causes can cause death or disability to human life. Income is lost to the household if a human life is lost, or a person becomes permanently or temporarily disabled.


Although human life is not worth anything, a monetary sum could still be calculated based on future income. The Sum Assured, or the amount that will be paid in case of loss, is a benefit in life insurance. Life Insurance products offer a guaranteed amount of money in the event that the insured's life is lost or disabled as a result of an accident.


Why life insurance is important:

The risks that all of us have to take:

Dying too soon

Living too long


You need life insurance

• To ensure your family receives financial support in the case of your death

• Finance your children's education, and other necessities

• A savings plan to ensure that you have an income stream after retirement.

• You will have an additional income if your earnings are cut due to serious illness, accident, or other reasons.

• To cover other financial contingencies or life style requirements


Who should have life insurance?

Life insurance is essential for anyone with a family to support or who earns an income. Housewives also need life insurance coverage due to the economic impact of their contributions to the family. Life insurance can also be purchased for children, if they are at risk of losing their future income.


What amount of life insurance is required:

There are many factors that will determine how much Life Insurance coverage you require.

• How many dependents do you have?

• What kind of lifestyle you want to provide for your family

• How much money do you need to support your children's education?

• How much do you need to invest?

• How affordable are you?


Our insurance agent can help you understand your insurance needs and recommend the best type of coverage.

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