Three Different Ways to Invest in Gold that will Change the Way You Do it

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Indians have been going to their local jewellers every year since decades in order to purchase gold. This day is considered to be the most fortunate day to purchase gold. You will see large crowds of women in the jewellery shops, and men following closely.

But times are changing. There are many ways to purchase gold today, especially if you're looking at it as an investment opportunity. These are three ways you can buy gold that are not traditional, and which could prove to be profitable in the future.

Bars and coins made of gold

People have always preferred gold jewellery to any other valuables. Jewellery made from gold is not 100% pure. There are also charges. If you have to sell your jewellery urgently, it may not make sense.
Although investing in gold bars and coins is not a traditional way to purchase gold, it's still a good option. It is definitely a better choice as these coins and bars have a 99.5% purity or higher, and come with a BIS stamp.

ETFs for Gold

ETFs, or Gold Exchange Traded Funds, are open-ended mutual funds that are dependent on changes in gold prices. You get the dual benefit of investing in them. Not only are you investing in gold, but you also have the option to trade stocks.
This investment is low-risk, and it's ideal for diversifying your portfolio. Online purchases of gold ETFs are possible because they are flexible and easy to exit and enter. You can begin with just one gram of Gold ETFs.

Bonds in gold

Because they are not subject to storage costs and risks, gold bonds can be a safer option than physical gold. These securities are issued by the Reserve Bank of India for the government. Their denominations are determined on the basis of how much gold they contain. The bond's weight is similar to purchasing and owning the same amount of gold in paper and demat form.
You can still invest in gold futures even if you don't have the funds available immediately. This allows you buy a predetermined amount of gold at a fixed price. You can arrange a Futures contract by contacting a broker and deposit cash.

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