BNP Paribas Mutual Fund, the Indian Investment wing is BNP Paribas. BNP Paribas' history dates back to the 19th Century. In its early stages, the banking industry was in its infancy. These banks were later supported by Europe's remarkable industrial growth.


Two centuries of banking history have shaped the evolution of BNP Paribas Group. PNB Paribas Group is one of Europe's oldest financial groups. It is present in 71 countries and has more than 198,000 employees. It also offers service solutions for various financial institutions.


The parent group of four banks institutions is BNP Paribas. In 1966, the Banque Nationale De Paris was created by the merger between CNEP and BNCI. CNEP is believed to have been the precursor of BNP Paribas. It was founded by the French Provisional Government in March 1848. CNEP was created to protect financial instability from the 1948 revolution.


Paribas was founded in 1872. Paribas and Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas S.A. were merged. BNP and Paribas had been separate entities until 2000. BNP and Paribas were separate entities until 2000. However, they merged to create BNP Paribas. It is believed to be the oldest and largest fund house in the entire world.


PNB Paribas, a foreign bank, was the second to open an Indian branch. It is today one of India's leading financial institutions. BNP Paribas Group is associated with India since approximately 160 years.


BNP Paribas is a fully-fledged participant in the Indian financial industry. They offer a variety of products for different businesses.


BNP Paribas Investment Partners advises and manages assets in excess of EUR 533 billion across 45 countries. This includes significant presences in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. It is Europe's third largest asset manager, and the 9th largest worldwide2. The company offers one of the most comprehensive investment options in the sector.


The network includes approximately 1,200 investment professionals who work in 60 investment centers. Each one is a specialist for a specific asset class or product type.





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KYC Required to Invest in Mutual Fund


Know Your Customer, commonly referred to as KYC, enables banks and financial institutions to verify the identity of their customers. You only need to do this once as a first-time investor. SEBI has prescribed requirements for KYC. An investor has to be KYC compliant while investing in a SEBI registered mutual fund. A KYC form will include identity, address, financial status, occupation, and demographic information.



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