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Smart Protect Goal

Smart Protect Goal Plan

Key Benefits

Planning your life goals is just the beginning, securing them against the unfortunate events is the next step.


Lifelong Assure

Lifelong Assure Plan

Key Benefits

We all wish for a regular flow of income at all stages of our life, but most of the time accomplishing those over age & time…

Young Assure

Young Assure Plan

Key Benefits

Your family is your joy and pride, and your world revolves around your children who are your future. You always want the best for…

Guaranteed Pension Goal

Guaranteed Pension Goal Plan

Key Benefits

With the advent of technology, our lifestyle goals have upgraded. Today we use gadgets, appliances and services which were not…

Flexi Income Goal

Flexi Income Goal Plan

Key Benefits

Our Life Goals change as per our life stage. Some of the Life Goals may need regular income whereas some may need lump sum income…

Elite Assure

Elite Assure Plan

Key Benefits

You wish to achieve success in everything that you cherish to do. Life is all about choices and choosing the right option. It’s…

Income Assure

Income Assure Plan

Key Benefits

Each one of us makes a sincere effort towards enabling the well-being of our family. We understand the efforts you make towards…

Super Life Assure

Super Life Assure Plan

Key Benefits

Presenting Bajaj Allianz Life Super Life Assure, a plan that provides the twin benefit of comprehensive protection & compulsory…


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