Future Genius Education Plan

College education which is the most critical juncture of a child’s life is the defining phase that will shape their future. Therefore, it is essential that you start planning for your child’s professional education at the earliest, as the earlier you start, the better it will be towards meeting the needs of your child’s higher education. As a proud parent you want to see your child succeed and achieve all his dreams. However, life is full of uncertainties and as a parent, a lot depends on you to empower your children achieve all of their dreams.

We, at Max Life Insurance, understand your responsibility towards your child and present to you Max Life Future Genius Education Plan - a plan that ensures your child has a financially secure future and gets the very best college education experience to embark on a journey of glorious career even in your absence.

So go ahead and find out more about Max Life Future Genius Education Plan


This product offers you:

• Guaranteed Moneybacks
The product offers four guaranteed moneybacks payable annually in the last four years of policy term. Each guaranteed moneyback is equal to 25% of Sum Assured thus helping you plan financially for your child’s future college education expenses.

• Maturity Benefit
The accrued Paid Up Additions (if declared) and Terminal Bonus (if declared) are payable at the end of Policy Term to provide for a seed capital or to ensure financial planning for higher studies.

• Complete financial security in case of death
The product offers comprehensive Death Benefit coverage as below: -
A) Death Benefit - The product offers Death Benefit to the nominee in case of death of Life Insured. The nominee is offered settlement options under which he/she can choose to take Death Benefit in any one of the following ways: -
a) Lump Sum Death Benefit option: Nominee can choose to take the Death Benefit as Lumpsum payable immediately
b) Monthly Income Death Benefit option: Nominee can choose to take the Death Benefit as income equal to 1% of Death Benefit payable monthly for 135 months starting from the month following the death of Life Insured.
B) Policy Continuance Benefit – In addition to Death Benefit, all future premiums will be waived and all benefits, that is, Moneyback Benefits& Maturity Benefits are paid to your beneficiary as and when due, thus, ensuring that your dream for your child’s future is taken care of even in your absence.


• Customize the product as per your need
The product offers you the freedom to choose your own policy term. Now, you can plan for your child’s needs by choosing any policy term from 13 years to 21 years. You also have an option of two premium payment terms to choose from:
a) 8 years fixed premium payment term;
b) ii) Policy Term less three (3) years.

• Flexibility to time your moneybacks through deferment or discounting option
This unique feature allows you to customize the timing of your moneybacks and take them during the last three (3) policy years as per your need, thus ensuring that you are not constrained by the choice that you made years ago.

• Tax Benefit
Tax benefits apply to the premiums paid and benefits received by you as per the prevailing tax laws.

• Enhanced protection through Riders
The product offers additional rider(s) that can be taken with the policy to provide for additional protection as per your need.


• Fulfill your child's higher education needs

• Make your child’s dream wedding plans come true

• Provide financial security to your child during emergencies







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