Assured Income Accelerator Plan

Let your savings accelerate your income. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee or a professional, you work hard to improve your performance, resulting in an increase in income over the year. Even with your savings, you expect to get a value that increases with each passing year.

Kotak Assured Income Accelerator provides a unique way to get risk free returns. This ensures that you receive guaranteed income on the same amount of savings every year, and that your guaranteed income keeps increasing year after year - a plan that actually grows with your savings!

Main Advantages

• Guarantee of income payable every year during the payment period

• Income booster increases guaranteed income between 5% and 7% every year

• The higher the annual premium, the higher the guaranteed income.

• Death benefit despite payment of guaranteed income already paid

• Maturity Benefit Guaranteed with Final Payment

• Optimize conservation through a wide range of riders *

• Tax benefit on premiums paid u/s 80(C) and benefit received u/s 10(10D)




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