Guaranteed Income For Tomorrow

When you have planned for life, everyday becomes a GIFT! Life is all about enjoying and creating moments of happiness with your loved ones. To live these moments to the fullest, you need to assure life cover for the safety of your loved ones in case of any uncertainty and also to plan various life goals like marriage, paternity, children's education or peaceful retirement. These are sacred goals, for which you will need a financial plan that assures you of a guarantee.

Keeping this in mind, ICICI Pru presents the ICICI Pru Guaranteed Income for tomorrow. A risk cover and savings oriented life insurance plan with guaranteed benefits to help you achieve your life goals.

Know what makes this plan suitable for you

• Guaranteed Benefits to meet your needs as a lump sum or regular income
• Option to get guaranteed income from the second year
• High benefits for women
• Life insurance cover for the financial security of your family
• Get guaranteed income when you want it with the Save the Date feature
• Tax benefits may apply to premiums and benefits paid in accordance with prevailing tax laws.
• Option to take loan against the policy to help you in case of financial emergency

Early Income Planning Option

Under this scheme option, you can choose to pay the premium for 7 or 10 years (PPT) and you will get regular income from 2 years onwards.
Your policy term is PPT + 1 and a life cover is available for the entire policy term.
The income you receive from 2 years till the end of the policy term is known as Guaranteed Early Income. Income received after the policy term is known as guaranteed income.





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